Start&Stripes Black & White

$3,972.00 USD

The Start & Stripes is the ultimate expression of the Jokfil project: comfortable and exclusive at the same time, it transforms the simple into something exceptional. The rigid form delivers an extraordinary performance, thanks to a racy concept specifically designed for the comfort of the slow tourer. Sleek and spirited, it is a bicycle to use, to admire, to love.

Monocoque Carbon UD 3K

Front - KCNC CB4
Rear - Shimano Ultegra BR-6810R

Handlebar And Knobs
Knobs Brooks Nastro Microfibra / Ergotec
Handlebar And Attack in Aluminum

Carbon Monoscocca 6K / 12K Hand Assembled


Carbon 6K / 12K Integrated

Belt Drive Gates Carbon Drive CDX

Wheels And Covers
Manufactured in Carbon Monoscocca 6K / 12K
Available hubs carried from the full in ergal 7075 T6
Tubulars Veloflex Carbon

Comfortable and Exclusive

Jokfil create hand-built, unique & exclusive bicycles, with a story behind each of its’ models, a unique chassis number and limited production. Jokfil bikes are Made to Order, with every piece handmade in Italy delivering the highest quality finish.  Jokfil is a combination between craftsmanship and high tech. 

Jokfil was born from the idea of having a comfortable, unique and exclusive bicycle, to be used every day without going unnoticed, keeping a traditional pedal (not electric) but with the pleasure of the belt that makes them silent and fluid.

With every bicycle series Jokfil produce, they have a very precise story, a limited number of pieces (series), a chassis number, belt drive and practical details.

Founder, Filippo Bertolazzi has enjoyed cycling for a long time. It was the beginning of 2016 in Soncino, a small town near Cremona. He began to design the first frame with a year of prototypes before taking it to the market.

Jokfil inspire new trends, interpreting spaces and moments of our contemporary way of life, with elegance and innovation. Catering to an audience with a dynamic lifestyle: for this reason, each collection tells a different story. On the one hand design and styling and on the other, practicality and functionality:


At Jokfil they do not neglect the slightest detail, overseeing the entire production process from the design phase to the marketing phase. The experimentation of new shapes and materials is part of their corporate culture, aimed at bringing exclusive products to the international market only ever produced in limited series with no two bikes ever being the same.


In all their products it is traditional craftsmanship blended with modern procedures to produce a model that combines dexterity and hi-tech content.


Jokfil are immensely proud of each of their pieces individually conceived and pampered with great attention to detail and infinite care. And for those who choose to become the proud owner of a Jokfil bicycle, they sign up to something quite individual, special & completely unique.

The frames are made in Italy both in carbon and in aluminium, painted and then assembled in the showroom. All Jokfil bikes have belt drive, not chain which makes them a silent and flowing vehicle with no need for lubricant.

Jokfil maintains a strong Made in Italy identity while maintaining high quality finishes, details and complete customer care.

For any queries regarding delivery, please contact hello@madewithrespect, we will liaise directly with Jokfil on your behalf.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Jokfil purchase, please contact hello@madewithrespect, we will liaise directly with Jokfil on your behalf.

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