The pod is designed as a semi-permanent structure which can be used for accommodation, studio, meditation space and glamping. The frame can be used as a gazebo in backyard or for weddings and events.

The shape of the pod is designed to maximise standing room allowing better utilisation of the space inside. Two flaps open up as awnings to create a free-flowing space that connects the inside space with the nature around. The raised timber deck provides space for outdoor seating and a threshold between the outside and inside.

The pod is very easy to transport and would take around 45 minutes for 2 people to set-up.  Please note, deck is not included.  The deck is heavy and inefficient to transport so best made locally. We can provide deck plan and layout if required. 

SHIPPING PRICE ON APPLICATION, please contact us and we'll get back to you with a quote


The pod has an octagonal plan with an inner diameter of 3m and maximum internal height of 2.4m,

Made of Bamboo is a design platform to promote sustainability and good design through the use of bamboo. Made of Bamboo believe that good design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should be fit for purpose and good for the environment. 

There is something special about bamboo, it is natural, strong, beautiful and highly sustainable. 

Made of Bamboo was founded by Munir Vahanvati and Mittul Vahanvati, architects and designers passionate about sustainability. Munir and Mittul run a design and build studio called Giant Grass and have been working with bamboo for more than 15 years designing and building structures, teaching people how to build with bamboo. They conduct workshops in Australia and present at various international conferences including World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok and South Korea and Global Bamboo Summit in Vietnam. 

In 2015 Munir and Mittul started developing the idea of designing products that capture the beauty and elegance of bamboo. This resulted in the creation of Made of Bamboo a new venture to create products that are not only beautiful and durable but also eco-friendly and ethical. 

Why Bamboo?


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing grasses in the world with some species growing as much as 1 foot a day.


Bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials. With a tensile strength superior to steel and compressive strength stronger than concrete, it is one of the most versatile and durable natural resources on earth. 


Bamboo is a highly renewable resource since it is very fast growing and needs no planting. A bamboo plant keeps producing new shoots providing a continuous supply of poles.


Due to the fast growing nature of bamboo it absorbs huge quantities of carbon dioxide during growth and releases 35% more oxygen than comparable stand of trees. Using bamboo poles in products prevents the carbon from getting back into the atmosphere.


Bamboo comes in various sizes and wall thickness which means there is always a specific species of bamboo for a particular project. It can be used as whole poles or split into various sizes for weaving making it an extremely versatile material.


Bamboo grows with minimal energy needs and without the need of furtilisers or pesticides. Harvesting bamboo does not require any sophisticated tools. Bamboo poles require minimal processing before they can be used.

For any queries regarding delivery, please contact hello@madewithrespect, we will liaise directly with Made of Bamboo on your behalf.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Made of Bamboo purchase, please contact hello@madewithrespect, we will liaise directly with Made of Bamboo on your behalf.

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