YellowClay is a deep-penetrating face and body mask with detox effect.

Contains mud with cleansing titanium and silica minerals. In addition, Aloe vera, carrot extract and sesame and avocado oils added. Increases the metabolism from the inside and oxygenates the blood. Mild and effective, rebuilds the skin's natural structure. Yellow Clay Mud Mask adds skin nourishing vitamins and minerals and leaves the skin soft, clean and youthful.

Yellow Clay consists of a number of trace elements that are absorbed easily and quickly in the skin. Our bodies consist of 4% minerals, which are constantly being renewed, and some are absorbed through the skin. In general, we are submerged with minerals, so the skin thirsts.

 100 ml

DM Skincare use the best ingredients from nature.  All products are made of 100% natural ingredients and organic where possible.  Contributing to a better world, DM Skincare focus on preserving the environment and supporting sustainable products and practises.


Founder of DM Skincare, Karina Hjort, developed a 100% Danish skincare brand formulated and produced in Denmark using natural pure minerals, fine oils, scented essences, healthy algae and nature own salts – free of parabens, perfumes and  hormone disruptive additives producing vegan (by plants, minerals and safe ingredients) which means no animal testing.

DM Skincare has a sustainable strategy towards their business, focused on the environment and having a transparent supply chain, they produce locally in small batches. DM Skincare help contribute towards a better world, doing their bit to revolutionize the beauty industry with more sustainable products and practises.

Karina's inspiration comes from the beautiful ocean and the wild nature alongside the coastline of Denmark. Karina has at her fingertips the silt in the earth and healing herbs from the hills and dunes like buckthorn, lemon balm, hops, fennel and rosemary. The result is a natural skincare collection with a large selection of clay masks, salt peels, face and body care products.

Clay has been used as a quick and effective beauty trick for thousands of years all over the world. It's a star ingredient that comes in lots of colours, thanks to different mineral properties, meeting different skincare needs. Here’s your colour-coded guide to which one to use:


Green clay, often called French green clay, is the most commonly used in skincare and it's great for combination, oily and acne-prone skin. It is a bio-mineral that is made up of both decomposed plant material and trace minerals, and as such is naturally rich in calcium, aluminium and magnesium. This helps to purify, regenerate and detoxify the skin, while controlling excess sebum. It is also a highly effective antibacterial, making it an all-round great skincare product.


A subtle blend of red and white clay, pink clay is the gentlest of all the clays, which makes its cleansing action fantastic for sensitive and irritated skin. Rich in trace elements, which include kaolinite, iron and calcite, pink clay aids regeneration of skin cells, and used once a week it will calm and moisturise the skin.


White clay is essentially kaolin, and is known for its gentle cleansing qualities. Its silica-rich properties make it brilliant for softening, purifying and cleansing sensitive skin without irritating. It doesn’t draw out oils, so is ideal for dry skin, too.


Thanks to its complex range of minerals, red clay is highly absorbent and has excellent exfoliating properties. It has been used for centuries to help restore radiance to tired faces, even out skin tone, close pores and smooth skin. If you are susceptible to blackheads, regular treatment with red clay will work wonders. You’ll also notice a difference if you suffer from dry, flaky skin.


Known for its iron-rich content and oxygenating properties, black clay contains active cleansing ingredients that nourish skin and eliminate toxins. It is also rich in magnesium and calcium, and is great for combatting blocked pores and smoothing out wrinkles.

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