Supremely calming, Mineral Mist tones skin to luminescence while infusing it with vital minerals. Skin glows, redness fades, and moisture is retained in perfect balance.

All skin types benefit from this mineral rich, all natural skincare formula.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Choline, Silica, Boron Citrate, NaPCA, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Citric Acid, Tincture of Iodine, Oil of Spearmint.

- Vegetable Glycerin and NaPCA hydrate and draw oxygen into skin
- Silica promotes collagen production and elasticity
- Choline protects cells from free-radicals and helps prevent sun-damage
- Boron Citrate minimizes pores
- Grapefruit Seed Extract protects skin from bacteria
- Citric Acid accelerates cell turnover to unveil fresh, new skin
- Iodine encourages cell regeneration to reduce fine lines
- Oil of Spearmint calms skin to reduce redness

This Calming, Anti-Redness Hydrating Toner is 100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Preservative Free, Paraben Free, and Handcrafted with Zero Synthetics.

Directions: Shake to activate minerals. Mist on face and body after cleansing and as desired. To maximize results apply Elixir of Minerals (as directed) while skin is still dewy. Complete your routine with Elixir Eye Extreme for fresh, youthful, energized eyes.

100ml / 3.4 fl oz

Hannes Dóttir Icelandic non-toxic skincare gives you perfectly balanced, glowing, youthful skin. Formulas exfoliate, detoxify, tighten, lift and infuse skin with micronutrients vital to cellular regeneration. From severe problem skin to the perfect complexion, Hannes Dóttir benefits all skin types.

 Hannes Dóttir, a small California-based skincare line is an extraordinary brand founded by a vision; a gift from Icelandic father and grandfather, Hannes Arthur. The chemical-free, mineral-based products are super effective at purifying and cleaning the skin without leaving it feeling stripped.

Hannes Dóttir's super-charged Icelandic Seamasque is the product of a rather whimsical story. Founder, Janis Kristjanson, was drifting off to sleep when she had an epiphany; a list of ingredients entered her head, which Janis believes was a 'gift' from her late grandfather Hannes - hence the brand name, Hannes Dóttir.

Firm in her belief that this list meant something special, she trusted her own intuition and through careful research and painstaking formulation, developed Seamasque - the first and arguably the 'hero' product in the Hannes Dóttir range.


An entirely natural youth-activating treatment, Seamasque is an instant skin-firming and plumping prowess. Boasting organic Icelandic sea kelp - a potent source of energising minerals, alongside oxygenating glycerin, lifting alum crystal, clarifying honey, soothing spearmint oil and tincture of iodine (to promote cellular regeneration and help soften visibility of lines), this mask has quick and cumulative benefits. From first use you will see a dramatic improvement in skin's texture, tone and radiance, redness disappears, scars fade and your skin is left wonderfully plump. It's the ultimate quick-fix. Simply whip up one-to-two teaspoons in the palm of your hand with a few drops of water or Hannes Dóttir's Mineral Mist to activate the supercharged ingredients.

Seamasque is 100% natural and chemical free, it exfoliates, brightens and nourishes your skin texture will be transformed from the very first application. With only five ingredients it is completely pure and simple.


Hannes Dóttir ingredients are sourced from the finest purveyors on earth. Their kelp comes straight from the volcanic fjords of Iceland, collected by row boats as to not tarnish the waters with even a drop of toxins. The kelp is dried with the same mineral-rich geothermal heat that feeds Iceland’s famous mineral baths. The kelp remains absolutely pure and active. Essential oils are sourced from an organic farm, direct to Hannes Dóttir lab.

Minerals are vital to skin and life. Everything our skin and body needs for optimal health can be found in nature. Hannes Dóttir formulas don’t rely on synthetics or chemicals, and are packed with micronutrients rarely utilized by the industry. All ingredient in

All ingredient in Hannes Dóttir formulas are edible and are vital to proper cell function.


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