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We love 66°30, this comprehensive French men's skincare brand is exclusively 100% natural and organic. 66°30 is also a member of Cosmébio® organisation and certified by Ecocert; promoting organic farming, local production and biodiversity whilst also supporting fair trade.  66°30 use minimalist packaging, they print using vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled paper from sustainable harvested forests.

Created from the latest green technologies, this natural plant-based hair & body shower gel is allergen-free and PH balanced for the scalp and skin. It brings balance, shine and softness while gently regulating the daily production of natural sebum.

    • Latest green technologies
    • Natural plant-based

    260ml Bottle

    Essential Skincare for Men.  66°30 is a comprehensive French brand of exclusive 100% natural and organic skincare range, easy to use and specifically tailored to the essential needs of the skin of the modern man.  66°30 promote organic farming, local production, biodiversity and fair trade.

    66°30 is the angle of inclination of the Earth and the origin of the seasons. Behind 66°30 is founder Didier Arthaud. Didier leads many battles against the challenges of our modern societies (illness, poor housing, precarious living situations) by creating in the early 90’s, an organization to provide food and shelter to some of his poorest neighbours. Passionate about ecology and convinced of the urgent need to change and to promote new models of economic development which better respect both human beings and the planet, he decided in 2007 to launch a new line of sustainable, organic skin care products for men.

    Always an optimist, Didier is convinced humans have everything in hand to build a more humane and beautiful world.

    Created for today’s man, 66°30 is a line of organic certified skincare:

    • A comprehensive range of multi-functional products 
    • A unique concentration of active ingredients (up to 88%)
    • Amongst the highest concentrations of ingredients from organic farming (up to 80%)

    The range of organic cosmetics for the face 66°30 includes 5 treatments to fight against the effects of stress, climate, shaving and daily imbalances in terms of food and sleep experienced by the man of today. Multi-purpose, each 66°30 men's organic care is adapted to a specific time of the day or a specific need of the skin and helps soothe the razor burn, nourish, moisturize, protect, regenerate the skin. epidermis in the most complete respect of man and his nature.


    With biological care, the range is PH neutral and contains active ingredients born from the last advances in green biotechnologies. More than 20 vegetal extracts are used, sourced from France and Europe. Their proven effectiveness through scientific tests have been carried out by independent laboratories.

    100% natural with no alcohol, no ammonium lauryl sulfate, no synthetic fragrance and no allergen. Produced without parabens, silicones or other petroleum derivative, without dye or synthetic perfume (phthalates) with no GMO.


    66° 30 is a member of Cosmébio® organisation and certified by Ecocert, drawing on recent advances in green chemistry (green technology), promoting organic farming, local production and biodiversity


    66°30 practise fair trade and buy locally when possible, by promoting direct and lasting partnership with small independent producers.  66° 30 support initiatives against exclusion and promote eco-innovative urban action.


    66° 30 packaging has been minimized. Printed using vegetable-based inks on 100% recycled paper from sustainable harvested forests. Their airless bottles have been specially designed for simple, convenient and safe use, they guarantee optimal preservation and delivers the right dose of product with each use.


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