C3 Head Wash

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Own Your Dome with Comprehensive Cranium Care Head Wash.

This foam will not regrow hair -- we promise. It's not a shampoo or a soap. It doesn't even lather and that's a good thing. It's proof positive that Head Wash used purified water and just three other cutting edge active ingredients that work together to preserve your skin's natural balance.

C3 Head Wash is designed for gentle daily cleansing of your entire dome - head, face, neck, and beard (if you have one), so your skin will feel healthy, hydrated, and replenished. In fact, many 'haired' folks love to use it as a face wash!

So go ahead. Restore your skin. Feel the liberation.

We have two versions, one with Original Fragrance and one Fragrance Free. (Select which to add to cart.)

Free from phthalates, parabens, BPA, SLS, and other nasty stuff.

Non-Comedogenic and Hypo-Allergenic.

1. Purified water: It's... well, it's water - the universal solvent.

2. Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate: A mild skin conditioner, designed to mimic the molecules that make up your skin's cell walls* by transporting and balancing the oils on your skin's surface. This is what helps C3 Head Wash keep your scalp soft and smooth, without dryness or irritation. Side benefit - this ingredient provides remarkable antimicrobial and preservative boosting effects, so there are no additional preservatives needed. Yay!

3. Propanediol: Naturally derived from corn sugar, this ingredient helps balance the skin's pH, and pumps moisture into your skin. Other products opt for Propylene Glycol a.k.a. anti-freeze. Corn-derived Propanediol uses up to 35% less non-renewable energy than chemically-derived Propylene Glycol. That makes it better for you and the environment.

4. PPG-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide (PromidiumTM CO): Helps Head Wash maintain its foam without using traditional foaming agents, and boosts cleansing. A plant-based emulsifier naturally derived from coconuts, it doesn't persist in the environment, so your local rivers and lakes are healthy for fish, plants, animals, and people.

5. Natural Fragrance Oil Blend (Original Fragrance formula only): Natural fragrance oils of spearmint, lavender, and bergamot

Fun Fact: Our fragrance-free formula is generally very happy to accept your favorite perfume or cologne. If you like to "fragrance layer," try a drop or two of your favorite cologne or perfume and give the bottle a healthy cocktail shake. Voila!


Back in the late '90s, Adam Fitting was losing his hair and trying everything to fight it. The "last straw" was on his head: part of a platinum bleach job/ Caesar cut double-whammy gone awry. This ill-fated attempt to disguise the thinning led him to shave it all off and own his dome.

As Adam searched for a head wash made for people without hair, nothing he found got it right. His shower became cluttered with shampoos and face washes. Seeking a solution with a combination of simplicity and excellence, he enlisted the expertise of Dr. Mark Chandler of ACT Solutions Corp. to help him design his own line of grooming products for bald heads.

Many people without hair default to using soap, shampoo, or body wash on their heads. The problem with these products, he learned, is that they typically contain detergents which get skin and hair squeaky clean but strip away moisture and essential oils. As a result, more ingredients are added to undo the damage. This cycle wreaks havoc on the living skin of the scalp. Adam was determined to break this cycle.

After learning about the harmful effects of the average ingredients in most grooming products, Adam committed to producing a product line free of harsh and toxic chemicals, endocrine disruptors, and things that would harm the environment. Every ingredient in a Comprehensive Cranium Care® product had to have a purpose for being there, and it had to be beneficial—not for marketing, and not to counteract the adverse effects of other ingredients.

Adam insists that Comprehensive Cranium Care® formulas preserve the natural balance and micro-ecology of the skin - the acid mantle, pH, moisture - and they must work effectively while letting the skin do its job as skin. All C3 products are cruelty free, vegan, and made in USA.

Along the way, Adam assembled a like-minded team. His partner Melissa joined the project as the first full-time employee in late 2017.

Comprehensive Cranium Care® Head Wash, as well as upcoming Head Hydrate with the Dom Matrix™, and Head Shave are the world's most advanced personal care products for bald, shaved and buzzed heads. The Own Your Dome® spirit speaks to many communities of men and women without hair, more than a bald guy searching for a quality head wash ever anticipated.

As part of their commitment to give back to the community, Comprehensive Cranium Care® partners with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in their mission to end childhood cancer. In addition to donating $1 from every product sold to the foundation, they sponsor Rock the Bald fundraising events throughout the year in the US.


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