Why we need to protect our ocean...and why we need to do it now

For World Oceans Day 2020, the focus is on stimulating a global movement in order to generate support from world leaders to protect 30% of the world's ocean by 2030 - the campaign has been aptly named 30x30.  So, what's the relevance of 30%? It's been established that by safeguarding...

Wasted Beauty

Wasted Beauty

Taking care of ourselves isn’t easy, particularly in an appearance-centric world, and our desire to look good also has significant negative consequences on our environment.

Did you know 70% of waste in the beauty industry is packaging?  

Unfortunately, the beauty...

Climate Action for International Day of Peace 2019

Every year on 21 September, International Day of Peace is observed across the world. This is a day devoted to highlighting the importance of peace, amongst people and nations.

The United Nations adopted

Cleaning Up Our Planet with World Clean Up Month


September is National Clean Up Month, with World Clean Up Day observed this year on Saturday 21 September.

Both events encourage communities from around the world to clean up, pick up and contribute to preservation...

What's really in our oceans...

Plastic waste that makes its way into our oceans accumulates in 5 garbage patches around the globe. If left to circulate, this plastic will impact not only our marine ecosystems but also our own health and economies. Solving...

Earth Day : Saving our Planet


Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April, brings attention to the need to solve climate change, to end plastic pollution and to protect endangered species.