Make your 2020 New Year Resolution Count

New Year Resolution sustainable in 2020!  

Living more sustainably is all about making small changes, becoming more aware of the choices you make, being open to being educated and improving the way you consume. Incorporating sustainable goals into your New Year Resolution has massive benefit both to yourself and to our Planet.


When setting your New Year Resolution, rather than asking yourself what you want, ask yourself what impact you can make in 2020.  A resolution is only truly successful if it serves a bigger purpose and goals become more ‘sustainable’ and achievable when we understand the impact our actions have on our own wellbeing as well as those around us.


So why is it important that each of us makes sustainability a priority in our New Year Resolution for 2020?  

Because our Planet is changing rapidly, nature is dying and we are the ones destroying it.  Through our constant and growing demand on natural resources, we currently consume at a rate that will see us needing two planets by 2030 to sustain our lifestyle. We are using 30% more resources than our Planet can replenish each year, which is leading to deforestation, degraded soils, polluted air and water, and dramatic declines in numbers of plant and animal species, with some at threat of extinction.  The impact of our actions is also creating an unstable Climate, we are experiencing extreme fires, floods, hurricanes and droughts.

Add to this the toxins industries are putting into the air, waterways, food production, clothing manufacturing and ending up in our homes, it is taking a massive toll on our health in the form of cancer, autoimmune disease and more.


The good news...all it takes is minor lifestyle changes that each of us can implement into our daily routine in order to create a HUGE difference for not only our Planet but also for our own health and wellbeing.


Too often resolutions are abandoned because the problem feels too big to face.  But understand this, small steps create momentum and when we create momentum we create change.  Any change is better than no change.

So, when setting your New Year Resolution for 2020, consider them from a new prospective;

Improving Your Health: Improved health is not only about what we eat and whether we exercise, it’s also about our environment.

    • Buy fresh & local food.  It’s healthier with pesticides, hormones and chemicals to manage weed and insects less of an issue and supporting your local economy encourages a smaller environmental footprint
    • Buy organic, although more expensive it’s more nutritional and you avoid consuming unnecessary toxins
    • Eat less meat & dairy.  Eat clean, safe, healthy animal products by buying grass-fed beef and dairy and pasture-raised poultry and eggs. This not only ensures livestock is treated humanly but also supports a more sustainable ecosystem.
    • Reduce your exposure to chemicals by only buying and using natural household cleaners, skincare and makeup products.  Did you know that Skin is the human body’s largest organ and whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream?  Worth considering next time you expose your skin to unnecessary chemicals.

Organizing Your Home and Life: An unorganised, cluttered and chaotic home and life affects our sense of well-being. Being more organised, decluttering and creating order and balance reduces stress and by having and wanting less “stuff’ we place less stress on our precious natural resources, keeping our environmental footprint smaller.

    • Recycle or upcycle to keep unused or unwanted household items out of landfill
    • Take unused or old clothes and household items to op shops & charities

Reducing Your Debt: Reducing spending is the first step to decreasing debt. By becoming a more conscious consumer and being more aware of what you buy, not only will your bank balance benefit but also our Planet.

    • Buy less, before you buy stop and ask yourself if you really need it
    • Buy quality over quantity, it will last longer and be better on your bank balance
    • Avoid fast fashion, instead chose timeless styles that last through the seasons and chose quality materials that still look great after being worn time and time again

Improving Your Lifestyle: Spend more time with loved ones, get outside, get active and enjoy all the beauty and wonder that nature has to offer.

    • Instead of spending money on buying things, spend money on buying experiences with friends and family. Not only will it bring you greater happiness but it creates memories that last forever


When you set yourself a new goal, the best way to ensure it is met is to share it with others, once you share it it becomes more real and it makes you more accountable. So grab yourself a coffee or a glass of wine, get comfortable in your favourite seat, unplug from any distractions and write down your New Year Resolution that will help make a real and positive impact in 2020 - then share it with your family and friends and ask the question of them, what are they doing to make a difference.

For more tips, we have created a sustainable habits guide, with easy to implement ways to live more consciously, providing you inspiration to make your 2020 New Year Resolution truly count.


Photo by Eneko Urunuela, Unsplash

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