Wondering what to give your husband, boyfriend, father or friend this Christmas? Here’s a list of MWR’s suggestions for the men in our lives. Let them know how much you care for them and the planet by only purchasing brands and products that sustainably and consciously created. Scroll down to take your pick!


1. Dean Cotton & Cashmere T-Shirt - Mr Quintessential

Every man needs a cool T-shirt in his wardrobe. Give your man this T-shirt from Mr Quintessential, made out of cotton-cashmere that gives an amazing handle and feel. Sourcing the best fibres from the crop and enlisting local workshops in Mongolia, they are individually handcrafted by the finest master craftsmen, making each piece not only luxurious but unique and one of a kind.

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2. Pinot Grape Skin Bath Soak - Hunter Lab

This amazing brand hopes to remove the stigma and awkwardness surrounding using and buying skincare for men, because they deserve to pamper and take care of themselves, too!

This is the perfect reward for the hardworking men in our lives. This natural detoxifying bath salt soak crafted with antioxidant rich grape skins and seeds and cranberry extract to nourish skin, and Epsom and Rock salts to relax muscles, increase blood circulation, help draw out impurities and calm body and mind.

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3. Fire & Hide Duffel Bag - Elvis & Kresse

Can’t find the perfect gift for you creative and artistic man? This bag from Elvis & Kresse is surely a conversation starter! This Fire & Hide Duffel bag is made from rescued leather and decommissioned fire hose and is lined with reclaimed auction banners. Can it get any cooler (and sustainable) than that?

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 4. Eyewear Print Brown Sock - Conscience

You can never go wrong with a pair of socks as a gift! They’re useful, versatile, and can be matched with your man’s personality and style! This brand
designs garments that are made with ethically sourced fabrics whilst supporting a Zero Waste Programme. Need I say more?

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5. The Complete Armoury - Hunter Lab

Your husband or boyfriend may have the busiest lifestyles, but don’t let them skip caring for themselves and their skins (while protecting the planet!) even when they’re away for a business trip or vacation.

The Complete Armoury is the ultimate super natural skin care gift for the modern man. Packaged in the Hunter Lab natural men’s toiletries bag, The Black Pack, the gift set feature’s four super natural skincare tools to set up the perfect daily skincare ritual; the Hand & Body Wash, Anti-Ageing Elixir, Cleansing Facial Scrub and Daily Face Fuel.

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6. Canyon Cashmere Crewneck Sweater - Mr Quintessential

Spoil your loved ones a little by giving them this classic cashmere crew neck sweater- the perfect addition to this winter wardrobe. Cashmere is synonymous with luxury, but look a little deeper and you’ll realise luxury comes in varying degrees. For Mr Quintessential however, there’s no compromise, just superlative Mongolian cashmere, sustainably made. 

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7. Blue Briefcase Holdall - Conscience

Are you a practical (and sustainable) gift giver? This briefcase from Conscience will surely be appreciated by your loved one for being stylish, practical, and useful! Show how much you care about the planet by choosing brands like Conscience, which designs garments that are made with ethically sourced fabrics.

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8. Head Wash - C3

For the no-frill, straight-to-business men in your lives: a head wash that was designed for gentle daily cleansing of your entire dome – head, face, neck, and beard!
Free from phthalates, parabens, BPA, SLS, and other nasty stuff. Non-Comedogenic and Hypo-Allergenic.

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9. Fire & Hide Wallet - Elvis & Kresse

Style meets sustainability – this gift combines function and FUN, with it
s unique design and vibrant color. The Fire & Hide billfold wallet combines hand-woven rescued leather and decommissioned fire hose and is lined with reclaimed parachute silk.

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November 28, 2018 by Susan Stevens