International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on 08 March around the world, acknowledging women’s achievements, from political to social.  The first IWD occurred in 1911 and was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations, bringing attention to the importance of women’s rights.

Today, IWD is not affiliated to any one group, the day is marked around the world with talks, rallies, marches, events, conferences and media acknowledgement. With gender balance essential for economies and communities to thrive, women’s advancement in this world has positive implications on the environment and for the protection of our Planet.

According to the World Bank, "Women play an essential role in the management of natural resources, including soil, water, forests and energy...and often have a profound traditional and contemporary knowledge of the natural world around them"

OECD studies of household behavior show:

Women are more likely to buy recyclable, eco-labeled and energy-efficient products with women now accounting for approximately 80 percent of household purchases in developed countries.

Women spend more time seeking information on sustainable consumption and lifestyle alternatives than men


Women in developing countries are also realizing the financial advantages of eco-markets. According to the Fair Trade Federation, women are increasingly behind the organization of cooperatives producing artisanal goods in the quest to enhance their and their communities livelihood as well as local ecosystems.

These variations in gender behaviour have shown a direct correlation to the opinion of men versus women toward climate change.  Surveys by GenaNet in Germany found men favoured technical solutions such as greater research on bio-fuels, clean coal and carbon storage, whereas women were more responsive to changes in consumption patterns.

If more women around the world were in productive, senior decision-making roles, the spin-off may be greater advancement in sustainable development.


This month to honour International Women's Day, Made With Respect are celebrating the inspirational female entrepreneurs we have partnered with, who dedicate their time and passion creating beautifully designed sustainable products Made With Respect to people, craftsmanship and our Planet.


Photos by Julia Caesar & Sam Manns Unsplash

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